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Accordion Doors

Commercial to residential, institutional to industrial – you name the place, and Woodfold Accordion Doors can help define the space. Whether you need to divide a cold, cavernous room into more people-friendly areas, free up floor space, eliminate door fights in tight areas, or help reduce distracting noise, you won’t find a better solution than a quality-crafted Accordion Door. And rest assured: whether it’s installed at home or in a hotel lobby, you’ll get the flawless functionality and lasting durability you’d expect from a Woodfold creation. Simply put, there’s just no better choice.

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Mar 102009

There are many types of folding doors.  We sell Woodfold Accordion doors and manufacture both bifold and multifold solid hardwood doors at InteriorDoors.com.

Accordion doors are available in both vinyl and and hardwood veneered varieties.  Accordion doors typically come in smaller panels than bifold and multifold doors, and have no gaps between the sections when folded.

Accordion doors also can be made in larger units for both commercial and residential units.  See our photo gallery for the possibilities available.  Folding door possibilities are endless, and whether you want, vinyl, solid hardwood, glass, or combinations of wood and glass, you have come to the right place.

Feb 202008

(A) Under normal circumstances, Woodfold will repair or replace any door returned for:

    * Vinyl panel connectors crack or check
    * Rollers break
    * body panels delaminate

The warranty does not cover installation repair, re-installation, labor or transportation, nor unfinished Accordion Doors.

Jan 302008

(A)   We don’t have a hotline as such, but if you have any
questions, comments, concerns, or need for assistance, please call one of our sales people at:

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Jan 172008

(A) It’s not hard at all, since the Woodfold Accordion doors only have a top track, without the need for a floor tracks. Complete installation instructions are provided with each door, but if you’d like a quick overview of how to install an Accordion Door, consider the links below.


Woodfold Accordion Door Installation Instructions
Door Series # Series
Installation Instructions
Upkeep & Care
I-Beam Style Track Addendum NA NA NA NA
Oct 022007

(Q) How does the curved track work?
For curved installations, Woodfold uses an aluminum I-beam track that hangs from clips attached to your header. This allows for on-site shaping to a minimum radius of 12”,this will let your door follow it’s intended path.

(Q) Can a Accordion Door be installed on a suspended ceiling ?
(A) If your suspended ceiling is being installed at the same time as your Accordion Door.The use of a recessed “ hat channel ” will make the job easier. If your ceiling is already in place, a common practice is to place a 1” x 6” board on the underside of the your ceiling and another board on the topside of your ceiling. Then fastened these together making a sort of sandwich effect, your ceiling material will be in between. You may need to put some support wires or rods from above to help support the door and plates. Then your track can be attached to the underside of the added board. It’s important to note that the finished opening size will be affected, so as the old saying goes measure twice – cut once.

(Q) What is a Hat Channel Track?
(A)  Aluminum hat channel is used for 2’ x 4’ acoustic drop in ceiling tile systems, allowing the contractor to pre-install a flange for the track and incorporate the hat channel into the ceiling grid system. The ceiling tiles actually rest on this flange.

When measuring for doors utilizing hat channel, the finished opening dimension should reflect the distance from the surface to which the hat channel attaches to the finished floor rather than from the finished surface of the acoustic ceiling.

Why the strange term? Hat channel looks like a top hat, hence the name.

When you are measuring for doors that will be utilizing the ” Hat Channel”, Your finished opening dimension should reflect the distance from the surface to which the hat channel attaches to your finished floor rather than from the finished surface of the acoustic ceiling.

(Q) Are the Accordion Doors sound proof ?
Two of the series are sound rated – the Series 2100, provides a minimum level ( Acoustical Rating of FSTC 21 ), and the Series 3300 offers medium level ( Acoustical Rating of FSTC 33 ).

(Q) Are the Accordion Doors fire rated ?
(A) The Woodfold Accordion Doors are made up of a Class I fire retardant medium density fiberboard. Note: the fire rating only applies to the body panel core only and
does not apply to the door as a unit. Fire Retardant is only available in the Light Oak and Chalk Vinyl-Lam only

(Q) Can the Accordion Doors be used for exterior use ?
(A) No, The Woodfold Accordion doors are intended for interior use only, exposure to moisture or extreme heat may affect the overall operation and durability.

(Q) What type of material and colors are the Accordion Doors available in ?
There are (3) types:

(1) Natural Hardwood Veneers – Birch , Maple , Oak , Cherry , Mahogany & Walnut

(2) Vinyl-Lam Woodgrains- Birch , Maple , Natural Oak , Light Oak , Dark Oak , Cherry , Pecan , Teak , Mahogany and Walnut

(3) Solid Colors and Textures Vinyl- White , Tan , Gray , Chalk , Tahiti , Rattan and Amethyst.

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Sep 122007

There is no easy way to answer this question, because there are too many factors involved, including the series, the materials and the size.

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